Lisa Hannick Fine Art


"....from my earliest memories I knew I wanted to be an artist, but my choice was obscured by the complexities of life." 

Lisa Hannick began her art education at the age of eleven by spending her Saturdays studying under world acclaimed artist, Vincent Trotta. Later she attended and graduated Art & Design High School in Manhattan and then proceeded to study architectural design at Queensborough College in Bayside, NY where she graduated with honors. After spending eighteen years at this profession, she left the industry and answered her innermost calling to pursue art. At this time, Lisa enrolled at The Art Students League of NY and The National Academy of Design also in NY. At The League and under the scrupulous tutelage of Harvey Dinnerstein, were her skills polished and her creative desire reborn. 

Lisa works in a very classical manner. Using chiaroscuro lighting, her paintings reflect the moods evoked by the Dutch masters. By employing a limited palette and layers of thin glazes she is able to achieve much luminosity. Through an intuitive sense for composition, her paintings (be it landscape, still life, or florals) capture order, balance and harmony - the very essence of beauty.

Artist's Statement

"...the representation of nature by an artist whose sole aim is to express its truth."
French Painter William Bouguereau

     This statement is especially significant for artists today. More than ever artists need to become reacquainted with the difficulties of the visual world. They must learn not to follow the fashions of our times but to develop their abilities in order to observe the intricacies of nature.
     The ability to enhance the beauty of even the most mundane subjects is what I especially enjoy. To communicate this in its most simplistic way and yet to remain truthful to the subject is what I strive for as an artist.