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American Art Collector
January 2022,Issue 195
Collector's Focus - Still Life

"Paintings of fruit and vegetables have been around since ancient times, says artist F. Lisa Hannick. "In Egypt, hieroglyphics have been found depicting bowls of fruit being offered to the gods. This offering of food illustrates how magnanimous and selfless it is to give that which sustains us. Centuries later, still life continues to be painted. Although they are not giving that which sustains in the literal sense, still life offers us solitude and a chance to escape into the ethereal beauty of the painting."
"Hannick's goal as a painter, whether painting flowers, landscapes or still life, is to share with the viewer "peace, serenity, thoughtfulness and joy - and all else that which sustains our soul."

"Your paintings speak to the heart and plant seeds of wisdom and compassion in each who spends time with them.

                                                                                                            Pat. J. Mass.

..."I remember the first time I saw your paintings. It was at the Mystic Art Show. Your paintings were in a different league. I cherish all the paintings I purchased from you. I look at them everyday. I can tell you that you will never be irrelevant".

                                                                                               Lou L. Providence, R.I.

..."Your paintings are wonderful t look at and definitely make me smile".
                                                                                                          Elana S. Brazil

American Art Collector
September 2021, Issue 191
Collector's Focus: Landscapes
Majesties of the Land

..."Creative juices run deep. And once conceded can never be ignored....The thirst for artistic knowledge whether about art, artists or technique cannot be quenched. For me, it is a lifelong learning process. It, among many other things, is the impetus that moves me to express myself through paint. From the excitement of starting a painting, then working through the frustrations of not accomplishing exactly what you envisioned, to finally feeling the satisfaction of a work well done, is the struggle of every artist. From men drawing on cave walls to the great masters of today, we all encounter the same trials, tribulations and ultimate joy".

"...Lisa, So excited to be taking your workshop. Can't wait!"

                                                                                                   Joan A. N.Y., N.Y.

" happy that your opening went well - it was truly beautiful! And I love my new watercolor. It looks perfect with your other paintings in our home." 

                                                                                              Peggy K. Newton, N.J.

International Contemporary Masters Vol. VIII
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"...the fine art paintings of F. Lisa Hannick evoke a mood of a bygone era. Her use of a subdued palette, warm tones and powerful chiaroscuro leave one with a sense of refinement and grace. Her technical brilliance is evident in the solidity and quietude of each painting. The intense peace and restfulness of this simple transcript from domestic life, repeat the impression of the Dutch Masters, without making one feel that there is any direct influence from another source. Her fidelity to an ideal truthis a refreshing change to the overflow of the avant garde..."

American Art Collector
March 2021, Issue 185
Collector's Focus: Florals & Botanicals

"...The oil paintings of F. Lisa Hannick are a modern representation of classical art. She works in numerous layers of paint creating luminosity, and her fine attention to composition is evident in the solid foundation of each painting. "What matters most to me is the reaction and response from the audience. If what I'm trying to express or convey is lost, then the painting falls short," says Hannick. "It is paramount that my emotions are transferred through my work and to the viewer. My paintings are a study of my surroundings, whether landscape, still life or flowers. Even the most mundane object or location can be my inspiration, my impetus. My paintings are not literal copies of what I saw but expressions of how I felt and therefore responded. If my paintings cause someone to stop in their tracks and gaze, and study and think-and it makes them feel good-well, what more can I ask".

"...Last weekend we bought an oil painting at the William Ris Gallery. The subject of the painting is a vase full of flowers, including gerbera daisies. About 2-3 yrs. ago, I purchased another oil painting. The subject is apricot roses with a plate of blueberries. In 2002 my husband and I traveled to the Netherlands and we were able to see the work of the early Dutch painters at the Rijksmuseum. To me, my two little paintings mean as much as if I owned a Vermeer masterpiece. They are beautiful little gems. I look at these pieces every day. They are my prized possessions."
                                                                                                  Dawn Lutz, York, Pa

." new beginnings, Lisa. Your being, your process, and the painting - beautiful. I appreciate it!"
                                                                                                            Patricia J.

"...Lisa, Lisa, Lisa, you never cease to amaze me!! I just love your latest painting. Ohhh, I really miss our painting days!"
                                                                                      Kate Smith, Forest Hills, NY

"...First I so enjoyed reading you Art Bulletin. I found it insightful, most interesting and something I think will be good to refer back to.
     Second. as I was reading how you used an unfinished landscape to paint over and how the landscape reappeared, I was trying to visualize what it looked like. Then after I finished reading and saw the painting, it "blew my mind". I know this happenesd by accident but I love how the two are now one."
                                                                                      Richard H. Lords Valley, Pa.

"... As usual, your newsletter is so inspirational. Love reading them."
                                                                             Joanne Braniff, Charlottesville, Va

"...I enjoy reading about the process that goes into your beautiful paintings. And I like the last sentence about the past always being a part of us."
                                                                                         Anne Marie Z. Hawley, Pa

"...I totally enjoyed reading your art story and would appreciate being on your mailing list. BTW, your New Beginnings opening lines are pure poetry."
                                                                                      Michael O. Lords Valley, Pa